Tattoo style illustration! Bizarre vivid portrait!

Iain Macarthur, an illustrator from England, loves comics since he was 8 years old. Later he began to get in touch with professional illustration design and experience. Ian MacArthur is influenced by many illustrators, including Alfons Mucha, Klimt, and Lucian Flo. Ide, Jeanne Saville, James, David Lizhong, Sergio Topi and Ashley Wood. Ian MacArthur gained a lot of inspiration, and Iain Macarthur had his own understanding of illustrations and different forms of organic patterns and shapes through illustration art.

Ian MacArthur mainly uses pencils, watercolors and brushes to make portraits of ordinary people, but creating them in an unusual way, beautifying patterns and watercolor effects, and creating a normal effect is a wonderful effect.

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