This year’s popular sliding door

The door in the home space is no longer just a function of dividing the space. Now it is gradually playing a decorative role, and the style of the door is also more and more. The sliding door saves space, not only is it decorative, the appearance is atmospheric, and the push and pull mainly has black frame. Glass doors, barn doors, fenced wooden sliding doors, let’s take a look.

Black frame glass door: black frame Transparent glass, giving people a sense of coolness and transparency. It is especially suitable for use in the kitchen, creating a semi-open space with a wide field of view and a very good lighting effect, which makes the space both stylish and luxurious.

Barn Door: The barn door is a kind of sliding door with a hanging rail that allows the home to show a different temperament. The hanging rail material is mainly made of metal and stainless steel, and the color is recommended to use a dark and durable body that is resistant to dirt and dirt. The material of the barn door panel is mainly solid wood and composite wood, and sometimes elements such as glass are added.

Fence-style wooden sliding doors: Fence-style wooden sliding doors have a Zen and charm, which brings a sense of leisure and comfort to life. It not only distinguishes between space and transparency, but also gives the room a refreshing and natural atmosphere, highlighting the gentle and elegant temperament of the space.

This year's popular sliding door
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