Morandi Nordic style decoration decoration

Morandi color: high-grade gray tone, not bright, as if covered with a layer of gray, not unassuming but constrained in the whole picture, offset each other, let the vision reach a perfect balance, calm and self-sustaining, soothing elegance, sometimes a little calm The feeling, but people look more and more like it.

The overall design uses the Morandi color, and the gray-blue base makes people feel calm!

In the living room, there are small green tea tables, yellow pillows, color-blocking paintings, lightly embellished track spotlights, white culture bricks, TV background walls, various popular elements to decorate the entire living room…

Restaurant, wood with pink chandelier, fresh and elegant, cork photo wall full of memories, wall side cabinet as background, simple and practical

The bedroom design is very simple, tatami with sliding wardrobe, master bedroom wooden back panel combined with small fresh green, gold chandeliers embellish the fashion sense, interpretation of different Nordic style

The wet and dry partition of the bathroom, the striped tile paving background combined with the blue cabinet door, fresh and fashionable, the golden element round mirror and the staggered lighting enhance the sense of exquisite

Morandi Nordic style decoration decoration
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