In some small spaces where you want higher utilization, you can try the Card seat design

Card seat design, we are no stranger, many restaurants can see it. We can take this design home, with both practical and storage features.

Due to the small space, most families choose to put the table in the corner so as not to take up too much space. In this way, if you still use the ordinary dining chair, the push-pull space of the dining chair will be narrower and inconvenient. If you change the side of the wall to the Card seat, it will be much more convenient. The Card seat can be fixed to the wall and there is no pressure. Compared to the dining chair, the Card seat can be used for more people.

In addition to the restaurant, the combination of Card seat and kitchen is also very practical. The kitchen wall is used as the backrest of the Card seat, and the height of the Card seat does not affect the partitioning effect of the kitchen, making full use of the space without interfering with each other. And the design is reasonable, the dining table can be connected directly to the kitchen through the position of the Card seat. And the Card seat has a fixed feature that won’t be as easy to pull and shake as a dining chair, and it’s safer.

Card seat can be used in kitchens and restaurants, and other rooms in the home can be used. Children’s room recommended wardrobe Card seat This combination wardrobe can provide children’s clothes storage, while the Card seat can provide a place for children to read and play.

There is also a porch. A practical porch, to meet the needs of storing shoes, hanging clothes, placing small objects, but also to provide a place to change shoes. Therefore, the porch Card seat design is necessary.

The lazy and comfortable rest area that the living balcony wants to achieve can be realized by a Card seat. Close to the wall of the Card seat, plus a few soft cushions, practical and comfortable.

In some small spaces where you want higher utilization, you can try the Card seat design
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