Background wall + siding, the effect is just too good!

Wall panels, also known as siding, are the most popular wall covering materials in recent years. It is simple and crisp, and it also has the practicality of sound absorption, noise reduction, dirt resistance and wall protection. What are the popular styles this year? Let’s take a look.

Rectangular design: Long-shaped siding is currently the most widely used and widely used type. The vertical strips stretch the vertical height of the room, making the interior look taller.
Stripe design: Although the stripe shape is similar to the long strip wall panel, it can show more details in terms of texture effect, and can also be used in combination. In the interior decoration, the wall can also be half wall, the wall is suitable for large houses, and the half wall is suitable for small houses.
Square design: Square shaped siding is very suitable for use as a living room or bedroom wall, usually full of walls, and the final design is more textured than wallpaper, more stylish than wall paint.
Flat design: flat-panel siding with simple wood tones and a simple atmosphere. It is a perfect partner for modern and simple style.

How to install the siding? Summarized a few of the easiest installation steps:

  1. Shovel the wall surface, remove dust, repair unevenness and apply waterproof coating;2, elastic wire, check embedded parts, install wooden keel, binding panel;3. When fixing the wooden bead or decorative line at the yin and yang angle, it is necessary to 45° to the seam;4. Reserve room lighting or power supply and other home equipment on the siding.
    Tips: Before installing the wainscoting, the wall surface should be shoveled to remove dust, and the uneven wall should be repaired to a flat surface, while the wet wall surface should be coated with waterproof paint.
Background wall + siding, the effect is just too good!
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