54m2 home, with 105m2 design, simple and stylish, let’s take a look!

Even if it is only 54m2, the entrance still needs to maintain the design sense. The built-in wall cabinet of the entrance will maximize the storage capacity. The small-sized apartment most needs an open design, and the area at the corner is fully utilized. First, the elements of the hanging cabinet are all discarded, and the simplicity of the wall is preserved. Between the ceiling and the wall, the light strip was deliberately retained. The kitchen is dominated by simple style, and the white bricks on the background wall will enhance the design texture. Then there is the connection between the dining room and the kitchen space. The background wall keeps the small white bricks. In the simple style, the living room is separated from the main bedroom by a wall. The TV background wall is shared with each other. The exposed brick wall extends from the restaurant. As a background, it is more a sense of design. The master bedroom on one side of the wall is relatively crowded. A children’s room retains a full-faced blackboard wall and the storage partitions are designed on the wall. The two beds, the wall panels and the bare white wall keep the light strips, and the red partitions are used. The bathroom design is very fashionable!

54m2 home, with 105m2 design, simple and stylish, let's take a look!
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