2019 living room design trend, let’s take a look!

The traditional living room is just to meet the daily needs of the family, we began to consider more parent-child interaction. The exquisite life, even more spiritual aspects, are further open, spatially transparent and visible, enhancing family relationships and enhancing interaction. Fashion furniture, lamps become the protagonist of space, large-scale floor-to-ceiling windows bring infinite visual extension space, and open space to integrate, creating a unique temperament of international home. For TV wall design, we can’t pay too much space and space for features that are not used for a long time. If you want an overall style design, do the design of the TV wall, remember that the TV wall is only part of the space, is a continuation of the design, not all. The living room balcony is more and more open-planning, the function of the living room is extended, and the space is more atmospheric. In our impression, too many living room partitions or sliding doors separate the beauty of the balcony and also separate the taste of life!

2019 living room design trend, let's take a look!
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