This year’s popular linen fabric, stylish and comfortable!

The natural texture of the linen fabric, comfortable and high-grade, is very popular! The color of the linen is creamy, and it has some gray feeling. Even the bright orange color will reduce the saturation by one degree, and the upper body is very textured.

The benefits of linen fabric, linen fabric antibacterial, anti-corrosive. Natural linen material, the upper body is easy to shrink or wrinkle! Therefore, linen clothes should be washed with cold water. Pay special attention when cleaning. Use neutral detergent or laundry detergent. Do not machine wash! After cleaning the linen clothes, add 5% white vinegar in the water and infuse for 2 minutes to make the color of the linen clothes more firm!

This year's popular linen fabric, stylish and comfortable!
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