Make your life’s flowers a delicious cake

I believe that girls can’t resist flowers and desserts, and they will definitely fall in love with the artistic flower cake made by Berlin-based dessert chef Juliana Tar.

Seeing the cake she made, it is like seeing real flowers, as if in the air, I can smell the fresh fragrance. The floral cake made by the dessert chef Juliana Tar is different from the floral cake we usually see. In addition to having a beautiful appearance, it is also the main natural and non-baked, even vegetarians can eat, which also created a healthy new trend for art flower cakes.

“No Bake” Raw Vegan Cakes “raw cake” means baking without oven and using ingredients that are free of animal ingredients. Juliana Tar uses sweeteners, raw agave nectar and other natural sweeteners to obtain sweet ingredients. In addition, in order to express the bright colors of the cake, the colors in natural plants are used, such as the use of turmeric to extract its gorgeous orange color, the emerald green of Mexican vanilla, the red and blue tones of wild berries.

Make your life's flowers a delicious cake
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